Acorn Veterinary Surgery first opened its doors to the general public in January 1991 and since and to this day has offered friendly and caring veterinary medicine and surgery to the area's pets and their owners.                                             Simon,Candida,Tara,Jim,Emma, Lisa, Claire, Mariel, Laura,Stephanie,Jo and Clare wish to welcome all to our site and to the surgery and hope that your visits to both are a pleasurable experience

Acorn Vets is situated in Northenden a village suburb in South Manchester nestled between the river Mersey and the M56 motorway/Princess Parkway thoroughfare

 the latter providing quick and easy access to the surgery from the surrounding area by road.

Situated on the main road in Northenden adjacent to the main bus route, with its own full parking facilities, the surgery is ideally placed to serve the needs of the pet owning public in the area

The pharmacy area opens from reception and the corridor from the waiting room leads to consulting rooms 1 and 2

Repeat Prescriptions are available to our clients at reception , 24 hr telephone notice would be appreciated by the nurses so that your medications can be made up in advance and avoid unnecessary delay.

Consultations are by appointment only, whilst you may be seen without an appointment please be prepared for a wait .Tara is available on Tuesdays only. Appointments may be made to see individual vets , please make this known at the time of booking and book early. Weekend surgeries will vary from week to week.

Appointments may be made by our clients to see a specific vet. Please confirm this at the time you make your appointment.

Routine and elective surgical procedures are carried out Monday to Friday. All species are housed during this time in a dedicated kennel area in purpose built stainless steel kennels which provide a warm and safe environment for our surgical cases

acorn dental
kennel 1

prep 2/ dental

practice kennels

operating theatre

Acorn can offer a complete animal care package.The vast majority of surgical procedures are performed on site but with ready access to local specialists should their services ever be needed. Full X-ray facilities including automatic processing is available as is an in-house laboratory for biochemistry and haematology blood screening and microscopy

The operating area is roomy with space for a dedicated operating theatre, a prep/x-ray room and a second prep/dental room.

Gaseous anaesthetic is the norm and isoflurane is the gaseous anaesthetic of normal choice.All animals receive peri operative pain relief

acorn lab

practice laboratory


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