Cats and man have a long association , indeed there is evidence that some 8000 years ago there was a linkage on the island of Cyprus. Man probably tolerated the cats being around as they kept down the level of rats and mice that ate their food stores.                                                                                                     Full domestication was probably some 4000 years ago in Egypt when baby wild cat kittens were probably hand reared in order to try and overcome their natural fear of people. The initial domesticated cats were much bigger than today's counterparts but probably appeared similar to today's tabby cats.The ancient Egyptians considered the cat to be sacred as it was the symbol of the Goddess Bastet

       Cats were highly thought of and indeed mourned when they died. Many were embalmed and placed in coffins. It was a major crime for anyone to injure or kill a cat. By the IXth century the cat was domesticated throughout Europe.                                      People on the whole either like cats or dislike them and even in the early stages of domestication these polarised views persisted.


Being as diverse as being worshipped in Xth century Britain whilst at the same time in France being considered the devil , Satan.Often owners of black cats were considered to have a liasion with the devil, yet others thought it good luck if a black cat crossed their path. A whole range of cat superstitions were in their infancy


As per many of our domesticated species , subsequent selective breeding has resulted in the range of breed types and colours that we see today

Yet all our cats retain those qualities that we find so endearing , gracefullness, aloofness, independance, sleekness, sincerity



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